Your employee’s health: an investment

Research has shown that, in Canada, for each dollar invested in health promotion for employees, we save $2,75 to $4,00, which represents a return on investment of 275 to 400%. Healthy employees are, among other things, more productive and less absent.

Intégration nutrition offers many services such as team building, nutrition education and stress management conferences that can help greatly your employees to maintain good health.

You are an employer with annual payroll over a million dollar? If yes, you are legally bound to invest 1% in employee training. The law, also called “Loi sur les compétences ou Loi du 1%”, is promoting development and skills recognition workforce and aims to enhance workers qualifications. It compels employers to invest in training.

To confirm if you are subject to the law: Click here (french only)

Moreover, training given by qualified dietitians from Intégration Nutrition could be eligible to the Loi sur les compétences for certain industries. Trust us for your training needs in nutrition and healthy eating habits: we will do our outmost to live up your expectations.

Team Building on demand

Intégration nutrition is offering team building activities like original creative culinary workshops and cooking demonstration which allow employees to maintain healthy working relationship while improving their knowledge about food, essential tool to a preserve good health. Come join us for informative and fun-filled activities in order to raise cohesion, collaboration and communication within your work team.

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  • Personalized Food integration program
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